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Very Quick Wiki is a JSP/Servlet WikiWiki Web clone. It is installed by dropping a single WAR into Tomcat, Resin, etc. It features built-in filesystem or MySQL backend, email notification, diff, usernames, file upload /attachment, admin/topic-locking, recent changes, search engine, standard Wiki markup, and optional HTML support.

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2006-11-29 16:57 Back to release list

이것은 중간 릴리스는 2.7.9에서 표면 첨부 파일이 심각한 버그. 상단의 메뉴 표시줄에서 링크를 부착 예정이다 해결되었습니다. 기능 부착 해결되었습니다. 외부 URL에 이미지에 대한 vqwiki.css에 URL을 수정했다. 이후 이탈리아의 번역 ("----"). 수평선 고장의 사용 "-"파업을위한 업데이 트되었습니다 통해 제거되었습니다. 의 RSS 서블릿 RSS 출력을 생성하도록 변경되었습니다 그 feedvalidator.org와 함께 확인합니다.
Tags: Major bugfixes
This is an intermediate release due to a serious
bug with attachments which surfaced in 2.7.9.
Attaching a link in the top menu bar was fixed.
Attach functionality was fixed. A URL in
vqwiki.css for an external URL image was
corrected. The use of "--" for strike-through was
removed since it broke horizontal line ("----").
The Italian translation was updated. The RSS
Servlet was changed to produce RSS output that
validates with

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