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PasTmon (Passive Application Response Time Monitor) passively monitors your application servers, measuring and reporting user response times, throughput and congestion. It currently works with HTTP, telnet, rlogin, rsh, FTP (control channel), SMTP, POP3, and IRC. Measurements are recorded in a PostgreSQL database and are presented graphically via a PHP Web front-end using R statistical analysis scripts to create the plots.

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이 릴리스에는 여러 PasTmon 센서를 하나의 중앙 PostgreSQL 데이터베이스에 수유에 대한 지원을 제공. 그것은 프리 BSD (7.1)에 포팅되어 상당한 성능 향상을 가지고, 그리고 PHP를 완전히 재작 기반 인터페이스를 시작했다.
This release brings support for multiple PasTmon sensors feeding into a single central PostgreSQL database. It has been ported to FreeBSD (7.1), has significant performance improvements, and has the beginnings of a complete rewrite of the PHP-based interface.

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