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Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building groupware Web portals. It provides Lego bricks that may be composed to build an Internet application. It has multilingual support and themes. Modules include user management, calendar, news, CMS, and messaging.

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2004-01-04 00:09

이 릴리스에는 사용자, 그룹, 개선된 보안 기능을 추가 및 역할. 프로젝트 관리 모듈은 현재 완료됩니다. 개선점 대부분의 모듈에서 코드를, 만기에 도달 만들어왔다 릴리스 상태를 베타로 전환되었습니다.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release adds improved security with users, groups, and roles. A
Project administration module is now complete. Improvements have been
made in most modules, the code is reaching maturity, and the release
status has been switched to Beta.

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