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MojoMojo is a Web2.0 wiki with AJAX live preview, hierarchical structure, tags, diffs, pluggable syntax, permissions/ACL, attachments, RSS feeds, a photo gallery, edit conflict resolution via 3-way merge, themes/skinning, localization, built-in full-text search, and a reverse index. Since it's built on top of the Perl Catalyst Web framework, MojoMojo supports any Web server, and includes its own standalone one. It also support any database backend supported by the DBIx::Class ORM, and has been successfully tested with PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL.

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2011-09-24 09:56

이 릴리스에는 비활성 사용자 및 페이지 수정 (스팸을 취소하고 유용) / 대한 탐색 모음을 삭제하는 스크립트를 추가합니다. 모두 상단 및 하단 페이지의, 그리고에 대한 기능에 사용자가 로그 인한 현지 시간을 설정하는 사​​용자 영역.
Tags: stable minor
This release adds a script to delete inactive users and their page revisions (useful to clear spam), a navigation bar for /.users both at the top and bottom of the page, and the ability for logged-in users to set the local time zone.

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