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mkisofs is used for premastering iso9660 filesystems which are used on CDROMs. The output of mkisofs can then be sent to a CDROM writer with a utility such as cdrecord. It has support for many formats, including Rock Ridge, Joliet, and Apple HFS (beta).

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2001-01-30 15:13

mkhybrid와 문명, 그리고 경로 목록에 더 이상 하나 이상의 명령줄 arg하지 않아도됩니다 이식 포인터, 다중 엘에 대한 지원 - Torito 부츠를 병합합니다.
A merge with mkhybrid, reworked graft pointers, support for multiple El-Torito boots, and -path-list will not need at least one command line arg anymore.

2001-01-30 15:13

mkhybrid 많은 버그수정을 포함, Joliet을위한 완전한 유니 코드 지원, 및 ISO - 9660 파일 이름을 번역을 재작 성.
Inclusion of mkhybrid, many bugfixes, full UNICODE support for Joliet, and rewritten ISO-9660 filename translation.

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