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The Liquid Font Family is a collection of small bitmap fonts focusing on readability and Unicode support. The fonts were designed with small, graphics-capable LCD displays in mind, and to be nice and narrow. They are proportional fonts, not mono-spaced like many similar projects.

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2009-07-20 08:37

히브리어 스크립트가 추가되었습니다. 아랍어 스크립트, 여러 언어에 대한 지원이 추가되었습니다. 렌더링 라이브러리를 지금은 자동으로 ligatures 지원, kerning, 구매 및 양방향 렌더링.
Hebrew script was added. Arabic script was added, with support for several languages. A rendering library is now available supporting automatic ligatures, kerning, and bidirectional rendering.

2009-06-12 16:23

이 4 개의 글꼴 초기 버전입니다. 하나의 글꼴, 베트남어와 고대 그리스어를 포함한 몇 백 언어를 쓰는 키릴 스크립트를 라틴어, 그리스어에 대한 유니 코드를 지원하고있다. 글꼴 현재 2,400 자 이상이 포함되어있습니다.
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This is the initial version with four fonts. One of the fonts has Unicode support for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts to write a few hundred languages, including Vietnamese and Ancient Greek. The font currently contains over 2400 characters.

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