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GLAME (GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics) is meant to be the GIMP of audio processing. It is designed to be a powerful, fast, stable, and easily extensible sound editor for Linux and compatible systems. It has full support for non-destructive editing including undo/redo and applying
LADSPA effects. Its supported platforms are Linux, BSD, IRIX, and OS X. It uses guile and libxml, and the GNOME libs available is highly recommended. MP3 and Ogg files can be processed if libmad and libvorbisfile are installed.

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2005-03-28 21:17

이 릴리스, 그리고 더 많은 GNOME2 통합 사소한 버그수정, 기능 향상을 추가합니다.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release adds minor bugfixes, feature enhancements, and more GNOME2

2005-01-09 18:13

이 릴리스에서, GLAME 필요와 GNOME 2 활용합니다.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
From this release on, GLAME requires and utilizes

2004-10-29 12:10

이 버전에서는 여러 버그가 수정되었습니다.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
In this version, various reported bugs were fixed.

2004-01-13 23:10

이 릴리스에는 사소한 버그수정 및 NPTL 스레드와 치료 문제가 특징이다. 마이너 유용성 개선이 릴리스의 모든 사람들이 안정적인 지점을 사용하여 흥미로운합니다.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release features minor bugfixes and cures problems with NPTL threads. Minor usability improvements make this release interesting for all people using the stable branch.

2003-06-30 11:47

MP3와 오그 파일 가져오기에 대한 지원이 추가되었습니다 resampling 쉽게 플러그인을 포함되었습니다. 일부 다른 사소한 개선 및 통합 일부 버그가 수정되었습니다.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Support for importing MP3 and Ogg files was
added, and an easier resampling plugin was
included. Some other minor enhancements were
merged and some bugs were fixed.

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