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curl and libcurl is a tool for transferring files using URL syntax. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, DICT, TELNET, LDAP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, RTSP, RTMP, and FILE, as well as HTTP-post, HTTP-put, cookies, FTP upload, resumed transfers, passwords, port numbers, SSL certificates, Kerberos, and proxies. It is powered by libcurl, the client-side URL transfer library. There are bindings to libcurl for about 40 languages and environments.

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2012-01-26 07:12

이 릴리스는 두 가지 보안 문제 해결 CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS 및 CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS, 추가 하 고 적어도 54 문서화 된 버그 수정.
This release fixes two security problems, adds CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS and CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS, and fixes at least 54 documented bugs.

2011-11-23 07:21

몇 가지 개선 및 다양 한 버그 수정 되었다.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
Several improvements and various bugfixes were made.

2011-07-10 06:04

부적 절한 GSSAPI 위임에 대한 보안 버그가 수정되었습니다. 기타 사소한 수정도 완료되었습니다.
A security bug regarding inappropriate GSSAPI delegation was fixed. Other minor fixes were also done.

2010-10-13 19:54

고퍼 지원이 추가되었습니다. 38 버그가 보안 취약점을 포함, 고정했다.
GOPHER support was added. 38 bugs were fixed, including a security vulnerability.

2010-08-12 07:35

이 릴리스 NSS와 컴파일된 NTLM 인증을 지원합니다. 그것은 적어도 37 문서화 버그수정있다.
This release supports NTLM authentication when compiled with NSS. It has at least 37 documented bugfixes.

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