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cclite is a lightweight implementation of a community currency registry for local exchange trading systems (LETS) and other alternative money systems. It uses multi-registry, multi-currency, Web-services-based (SOAP) transactions, and is templated to give multi-lingual properties. As of 2009, it has an SMS interface and versions for Debian, cpanel-based, Fedora and Windows XP. As of 2012 it has decimal currencies, templates for many languages, and a REST-style interface for integration with CMS and social networking software.

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2009-12-28 03:46

Jquery 자바 스크립트 기반의. 배치 스크립트에 대한 웹 컨트롤 패널. 수동으로 업데이 트하고 대답 형식으로 반환했습니다. 간단한 설치. 셀레늄 테스트와 Ubunutu, 페도라 가상 호스트, 그리고 cPanel는 거지. SMS는 게이트웨이가 tidied되어 테스트합니다. 많은 장소에서 설명 툴팁. 데이터베이스 응용 프로그램에서 수동으로 phpadmin ()를 통해 작품을 설치합니다. 배치 디렉토리 및 메일마다됩니다 레지스트리, 아니마다 설치. 잉어를 통해 추가되었습니다. cPanel - 특정 빌드에 추가되었습니다. Ccconfiguration 구성하는 데 사용됩니다. 넷 : : SMTP와 인터넷 : : POP3를 대신 이메일을 사용하는 : : 센드메일. 많은 다른 변경 사항이있습니다.
Jquery-based JavaScript. A Web control panel for batch scripts. The manual updated and returned to A4 format. Simpler installation. Testing done with Selenium on Ubunutu, Fedora virtual host, and Cpanel. SMS gateway has been tidied up and tested. Explanatory tooltips in many places. Database install works from the application and manually (via phpadmin). Batch directories and mail are per-registry, not per-installation. CARP has been added throughout. A cpanel-specific build has been added. Ccconfiguration is used for configuration. Net::SMTP and Net::POP3 are used instead of Mail::Sendmail. There are many other changes.

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