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The eznixOS is a respin of Debian GNU/Linux, currently based on the Debian Stable release. The Debian live-build tool is used to build the ISO and the complete build files are located on the live and installed system in /usr/share/eznix12X... There is a link in the home folder of the live and installed system to the build files folder.

The current release is eznixOS12X-230702-amd64.iso. Xfce is the only desktop offered and received some light theme customization. The numbering scheme is 12 that corresponds to Debian release 12 Bookworm and the X for Xfce, followed by the build date. The Calamares installer is included as the only installer and is available on the live desktop. Complete build docs and configuration files are in the eznix12X-230702.tar file. There is also an eznixOS11X-230702-amd64.iso based on the Bullseye release of Debian 11. The Bookworm based release will see future builds as Debian releases point releases and the Bullseye based release will only receive an updated ISO if needed.

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