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FAQ on Project Management

Here are the frequently asked questions on project management.

Q: How do I post news on OSDN's top page?

All the latest news posted on the project page will appear on all top pages.

Q:How do I delete or remove a project?

First of all, please take your time to think if there really is the necessity to delete that project. At OSDN, there are no penalties imposed on dormant projects, so what is there to worry about? If the project is open source, even when the first developers stopped the development, someone else can come in to take over the development. This is exactly one of the great things about open source, that softwares can go on to be useful as long as there are people who wish to make a good use out of it. If you just delete the project without giving it a much thought, you could be destroying all the hard work people have put into it. From that perspective, we suggest that you just leave your project as it is when you feel like it is just too much to continue, and that is the right decision you are making open-source wise.

If you happen to have other particular reason to delete the project and you wouldn't have it any other way, please report us about it on support request. Upon receiving your request, OSDN staff will delete the project. (There will be identity verification, so the request could only be made via ticket. Making request via e-mail does not work in this case.) By the way, when you are making such a request, you will have to be the admin of the project. And make sure to write the name of the project you wish to delete. Also, don't forget to tell us why you want it deleted. Once the deleting process goes through, you will not be able to access the code repository, release files, tickets, wiki, and so on, so be extra careful on making that decision.

Q: I want to make a change on the project but I can't get hold of the admin. What should I do?

Except situations where there are legal problems or violations on TOS, basically, there's nothing that a system admin could do about project management. The authority of a project belongs to the project admins, and therefore basically, you would need to get approval from the project admins to make the changes.

So, try directly contacting the admins or other members of the project to consult on your wish to make that change. After trying that and if you still can't get hold of any of them, the system manager side could try reaching out to them for you. In a situation like that, submit a support request ticket.