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Some new modes of showing temerature icons

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It would be great if the CrystalDiskInfo can hide some temperture icons depends on some conditions. Is it possible to add some options (in addition to "show temperature icon")?

1. Show only one icon with maximum temperature on all drives

2. Show temperature icons only for those drives which temperature higher than (some value) or as variant "Hide icons for cold drives" and setup borderline temperature...

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Thank you for your requirement. But, I would like to CrystalDiskInfo to be simple. There are little difficult & complex.

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Hello, I would appreciate, if you include these options. A fix temperature setting like 49C, 55C seems to be to high. As standard setting, it is ok, but let the user decide to lower these values for exmample 42C, 49C. Very well would be a range, because we know, that too low temperatures are bad as well. Blue range setting, yellow range setting and all other values are causing red buttons.

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I don't know if this needs a new ticket or not, but since this one has to do with how temperature is displayed, I figured it might be a good place to add this suggestion. It would be nice if both Celsius and Fahrenheit were both displayed instead of have to go through the long string of options to change it. So it would just show "33C (91F)." I know the metric system, but I still cannot think in it when it comes to temperatures (American).

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