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Problem with JMicron JMB36X drivers

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Hi! I have a motherboard ASUS P5B-PLUS with JMicron 36X SATA controller onboard. I also have a PCI-X card based on JMicron 36X installed.

I have 3 HDD - 1 connected to onboard controller, 2 connected to addon card

OS - Win7

The bug is: When you install JMicron RAID drivers, CrystalDiskInfo doesn't see any HDDs attached to addon card, but see HDD attached to motherboard. If you uninstall JMicron RAID drivers, the program can see all the disks. In that case, the driver for the onboard JMicron is recognized by OS as Standard SATA controller. Addon card drivers are installed automatically and are JMicron drivers.

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To support RAID controller is very difficult for me. If you have any information to support it, please send me.

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I have the same issue, and JMB36X is a very common chipset for on-board sata. let us know what information you need.

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FYI, I am using Windows 7 32bit with all latest drivers and CrystalDiskInfo 3.9.4

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I have a new MK1665gsx 160gb hdd which support SMART and other features. When I run Crystal Disk Info, it gives different Features etc each time: Feature: SMART or 48bit LBA or AAM or combination of them or nothing at all; Interface: P ATA or S ATA; Transfer Mode: SATA/600 or SATA 300 or SATA 150 etc; Standard: |---203Ah, sometime it says a different value; Rotation: 12110(which is not) or unknown; It always says Health Status: unknown; I use SIW, use to say my hdd has SMART feature, it say no now

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