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AngelReader: A minimalist but powerful GUI application that has the capability to load
[1] E-BOOKS in plain text format and in other electronic formats (under development) that will be compatible with the minimalist style with the least use of both software and hardware resources possible. It can also load [2] AUDIO-BOOKS with the basic functions of play, stop, pause, and resume with the same minimalist economy that doesn't hog computer resources. It is an e-book and audio-book loader integrated into one intuitively portable, cross platform, robust application. The software could be useful for either classroom or office environment; for personal or commercial use; for general learning or access to practical information.


How to download? 1. Go to: 2. Navigate down the page and press the button:     Download File List 3. Navigate down the p... Show How to Install


How to use? 1.  Wait until the install is finished. 2.  Go to your Desktop (or to the Windows Start Menu)      and find the AngelReader shortcut icon and click it. 3.&... Show Usage


win32 Windows wattles-release-setup.exe (날짜: 2018-09-22, 크기: 72.61 MB)

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