Recent Changes



By creating a page called “SideBar”, you can write contents that are commonly displayed on the right side of the column. The SideBar will be displayed on all pages.

It follows the same syntax as the general Wiki page, and headers (=, ==, ===, ……) are formatted accordingly.

To revert to default

If you delete the SideBar page, it will display the default stuff (English default). Also, if you create an empty (like there's only space) SideBar page, it will only display the least. But you can not get rid of the right column.

Internationalization (i18n)

With the SideBar, you can change the language setting. Accordingly with the browser language setting, it will search for SideBar.{language name}, SideBar_{language name}, SideBar in that order, and the language that matched first will be used for the SideBar.


Currently, some of the extension notations do not operate properly.